Happy World Vegan Day Nov 1st 2020 (and World Vegan Month of November)!

Just a quick post today to say congratulations for all of you who have embraced the vegan diet and lifestyle and also to those of you starting out or considering this. Thank you from the animals, from the planet and from your body and heart! 🙂

Nov 1st is World Vegan Day, but the whole month is a celebration and raising awareness of the many benefits of going vegan – whether your motivator is your health, the planet or the animals…. Go for It! If you have any questions – feel free to add a comment or drop me a line – I am always eager to share experience and give advice, even though many years have passed since I made the move (many, MANY years! 😀 ).

And to all of you out there, spreading the message, or quietly leading by example: Thank you!

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