Hi there:  Welcome to My Vegan Family Life! 


These pages and posts are full of information on what it is really like to be a vegan family, including reviews of restaurants and products, useful links, etc.  But most importantly, this space is for the sharing of our experience of living as a vegan family: the good, bad and the ugly.  So go ahead and visit the Blog Posts, where we share topics on the many issues, concerns, joys and blessings that are all part of living as a vegan family.  Topics such as:

All of this plus we’ll be sharing reviews of any restaurants and resorts we visit (or have in the past), any recipes or new foods we try out.

So if you are already a vegan and curious about how others are getting around issues, or a parent considering going vegan/plant-based, or even a younger reader – looking for some information and something to share with your parents, then I hope this space might help in some way.

Family life is not a straight and smooth path… for ANY family, there are issues and bumps in the road, and that does not exclude vegan families.  Vegan families have many of the usual challenges, but with quite a few thrown on top.  Not everyone is on board with the idea of being vegan, much less raising children this way, and so I think it will be helpful to share some experience and hopefully some good advice and insight.

Thanks for reading so far – much love,

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