World Vegan Day 21!

Wow – cannot believe that it is already Nov 1st of 2021! We are nearing the end of the second year of a pandemic all over the world. And it’s making me reflect… on the world, on our lives, our health, our relationship with the planet and with our fellow inhabitants…

There is much information and research out there showing the positive effect it would have on the world if everyone went plant based / vegan…

It affects the planet itself – the environment from animal agriculture (raising animals for food), and in turn: the climate.

It affects our health and our healing.

It affects our heart – our compassion for other living beings.

It affects the animals themselves – of course.

It also affects humanity – when we treat the planet well, we treat our fellow creatures well, we treat each other well, we treat ourselves – our souls well.

If you are thinking about becoming vegan – and not sure if you can – not sure if it will be a good experience, not sure if you will ‘last it out’ – I would ask you to think bigger: It is more than a diet, it is much more than a health benefit, it is even more than a love of animals – it is a huge thing you are about to embark on – you are going to change the world with your actions and your compassion and your self-care. Please take time to think about that – You are going to join millions of other people who have made the same decision…

And because of YOU, the world can start to heal, the planet stands a chance to survive, millions of animals can experience a better life, millions of baby animals will stay with their mothers. By becoming vegan, you will influence so many, many souls into going the same way – and that does not have to mean joining protests or ranting to everyone one you meet about it (‘though your passion may insist you do!), but just by being who you are – by being vegan – you will quietly be influencing many, many people…. and they might not all jump to becoming vegan straight away, but you have sown seeds – in a kind of gentle, often unknowing way…The seeds falling out through the hole in your pocket as you walk down the path…taking root in the cracks in the pavement..

Yes, YOU are saving the World – and I thank you – and wish you love and health all along your journey.

Remember compassion – and have it even for those not yet awake to the wonder and simple magic of becoming vegan. So much good you are and will be doing.

I remember when my daughter (raised vegetarian/vegan) was small and she would often get upset and wanted to tell all her friends that they were eating animals and wanted to tell them not to – to be like her and just eat vegetables. She could not understand why their families would make them eat animals at all. I would tell her – or rather ASK her to have compassion… to try to understand that they ate meat because their families gave it them, and in turn – their parents’ families fed them meat also… and that most people do not really stop to think about it… Now, I ‘could’ have let her ‘enlighten’ all her little school friends, but that would only result in her being even more lonely at playtime – as you can imagine: parents don’t take kindly to being told how to feed their children, and/or being challenged about the food by their 6 yr old – and the end result tends to end in one less play pal for your child. You can trust me on that – I have experience! So, of course, I also did not want to make my daughter feel ashamed or dampen her passion for what she felt justice and fair – and so I would teach her the power of leading by example, of modelling, and how, by just being her little animal-loving, vegan self, she would be influencing so many friends – whether she meant to or not! And I would remind her of how I was sitting one day at school, when a teacher mentioned a boy in my class being vegetarian. It was the first time I had heard the word and learned the meaning. That day – that boy, changed my life…. and he will never know, I suppose.

He changed my life, my world… and I am here – walking beside you as YOU start to change the world too.

If you are vegan: Thank you – for whatever reason you came to it – you are saving lives and changing lives and saving the planet!

And if you are thinking about it – are on the brink: Thank you for considering being vegan – please do take the step – YOU will be making the world of difference…

Happy World Vegan Day!

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