Roller Skatin’…Vegan Style!

OK – so vegan daughter and I had been talking about roller skating for some time now… not the inline skates style though…. no: we are talking about the full 70’s 80’s experience! Four (quad) wheels retro baby!

So last year, we found a local small team of funky folks who were starting up a new business here in Victoria BC – and we attended one of their intro nights, complete with mini roller dance session (to some funky 70’s toons, of course!) and then Vegan Daughter went on to take a few daytime lessons with them.  Since then (approx. one year later), and this small team are now a flourishing roller skate business, with dance lessons, learn to skate lessons, fitness classes, and regular socials – complete with DJ and smoke machine!  Love it/them!

retro skates image

So Vegan Daughter organized (or rather I organized, she simply told her friends at school!) for a group of her teen friends to all attend the Christmas social – and they all LOVED it.  Now, of course, I am getting pleading to sort out a birthday party with them in Feb… Which I may or may not cave in to ( when, oh when do the parties end?!).

I suppose I could be complicit in her enthusiasm: I (not so) secretly crave having a go myself… I used to fantasize about some blue/yellow skates back in my childhood… but instead, I had to make do with those awful things you attached to your sneakers/shoes – the ones you could slide the metal base to resize!  But I truly loved to skate around the block, with my cassette player in hand (yes, I am THAT old!!).   Also, Santa might have bought vegan daughter a fabulous pair of mint and lilac retro skates for Christmas too…  So I guess we are not helping dissuade her, really, are we?

So what does this have to do with being a vegan family? Why am I posting this here? You may ask.  Well…. we found this FANTASTIC little company over the water in Vancouver BC –   – they have a vegetarian skates search option!  This is so helpful!  And they were great with communications and had them over the water to us in a matter of days!  They do include information regarding the many different sizing for skates – which is worth checking out.

So – I am not affiliated in any way with the above, but I highly recommend them.  I am now (maybe) considering ordering some for myself… will I look sad – at my age, skating around the streets?  Maybe, but do I care?  Nope… not really!  I love riding my bike, and no-one cares… so why not skate?

So if you are looking for a new fun way to keep healthy and look super retro cool (yep – even the oldies!) – then I say… Get Your Skates On!  🙂

***Resources mentioned in this post:

If you are local to Victoria BC – or looking to visit – catch a social or a one-off lesson:

They often have a caterer attending socials: Bunny’s Kitchen – who do many yummy vegan treats and also have their own cafĂ© in Victoria:

And if you want to buy your skates from a veggie friendly small business: 

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